Internationalization Center ITPAC PORTO


Academic participates in research on Science without Borders project

The student Annalu Foganholo, of the International Covenant with HEI Ciências without frontiers, participated in a research at the Beckman Laser Institute located in the city of Irvine. The Beckman Laser Institute is one of the world's leading centers of biomedical laser surgery and photomedicine. The laboratory has developed modern equipment and techniques with

the use of laser for the treatment of various skin diseases. In addition, the techniques developed can be used in other areas of medicine e.g. plastic surgery, oncology, gynecology and radiology.

From the experiment "Rat Burn" you can know the technology "Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging" (SFDI), which is a contactless imaging technique developed in this laboratory that uses a structured lighting coupled with a light propagation model toquantify the concentrations of chromophores in the living tissue. The Rat Burn experiment carries out burns of different depths in rats, which will subsequently be evaluated for 28 days via the SFDI.

The objective of this experiment is to differentiate the types of superficial partial thickness burns deep partial thickness and analyze how the SFDI system can help in this differentiation, taking into account the great difficulty in diagnosing these types of burn clinically.

Another experiment was carried out in rabbits to test an antidote against accidental cyanide poisoning. This drug acts as a high affinity bonding pickup and is an optionfor treatment in cases of poisoning. Being in contact with a renowned laboratory like this and participating in research with modern technologies brings many new knowledge and contact with treatments that may be used in the future.

Presence of U Experience consultants marked the beginning of the Internationalization Center of ITPAC PORTO

On 03/26 FAPAC / ITPAC PORTO received the consultants Diego Castelar and Márcia Agostini from U.Experience, hired by the NRE / Afya group, who will be assisting in the structuring process of the IES Internationalization Center. For this reason, they held meetings with management (general, academic and administrative), teachers and students of all courses, at different times. At that time, they presented some international academic experiences, student mobility programs (exchange), which have been developed in other higher education institutions, through national and international partnerships.

U.Experience specializes in consulting and consulting, seeking to promote the improvement and expansion of the internationalization of Brazilian institutions of higher education in the country. Get experience, make friends, be recognized, connect people, break borders, share knowledge ... This is to be global!

And as a way to better understand the perception of the academic community about internationalization, students from all courses at ITPAC PORTO were asked to answer a brief questionnaire about their perception of internationalization, as well as their perspectives.

Medical students extend their knowledge at the IFMSA Brazil national meeting

Students from the medical school and members of the Local Committee IFMSA Brazil ITPAC Porto Nacional attended the 51st General Assembly in Belém, PA, April 27 to May 1, the national meeting of IFMSA Brazil, where all medical, who are part of the organization, come together to exchange experiences, participate in trainings and discussions with the goal of making the formation of the medical student more complete.

At the 51st General Assembly, trainings focused on the development of the local committees of each medical school, as well as training focused on the personal development of the academic. Some of the topics covered were people management: how to work assertiveness; popular health education in SUS; humanization of health management; mental health of medical students; as well as many other topics.